Como evitar a dor no pescoço pela manhã

Como evitar a dor no pescoço pela manhã

Como evitar a dor no pescoço pela manhã

At some point, we have all woken up in the morning with pain in the neck or have suffered an accident that caused discomfort in this part of our body. Neck pain can be one of the most debilitating ailments to have – a real pain in the neck! It is important to be aware that neck pain is only a symptom and can be caused by many reasons, such as occupational or age-related wear and tear or prior neck procedures.

At, we share some tips that will help you avoid and, above all, protect your neck from suffering from this disease.

Try an ergonomically contoured pillow.

In terms of comfort and support for your neck, while you sleep, there are many options that you may need to try to find the one that works best for you. As a general rule, it is best to use an ergonomically contoured pillow; this means that your neck’s natural curve is supported and sustained. This is why we generally do not recommend traditional stuffed pillows unless the amount of stuffing is adjustable.

Here are some options that can help you:

  • Some people find that neck pain lessens when they lie on their back and support their head on a flat pillow.
  • Other people lean on a pillow when they are on their side.
  • Some prefer to sit in a recliner or an adjustable bed with their upper body tilted.

Carry some weight sometimes

People’s common mistake is to carry a purse or a briefcase on only one side of the body; this disparity causes your shoulders to unlevel and generates tension in your neck muscles.

First, try to lighten what you carry, carry only the essentials in your purse, suitcase, or backpack, and make an effort to keep your shoulders at the same level. Consider carrying a backpack as it helps to even out the weight to both sides.

Stay well hydrated

Stay well hydrated

Another reason to drink plenty of water throughout the day is to nourish and hydrate the discs (the spongy structures between your vertebra and neck). These discs are essentially made of water, so staying hydrated will keep them flexible and strong.

Ideally, you should drink 8 large glasses of water a day; for this, you can always have a bottle of water with you, set an alarm that warns you that you should drink a glass every two hours, or drink two to three glasses at each meal.

Anticipate neck pain from being glued to the cell phone

Messaging or looking down at your cell phone puts excessive force on your neck, even for a short time. Over time, the added stress to your joints, ligaments, and discs can lead to premature degenerative changes in that area. Tips to avoid damage to this part of your body include: lifting the phone to eye level, minimizing the time you spend typing on this device, resting your hands and the phone on a pillow, or taking frequent breaks.

Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your back is the best position for your back to rest properly. Some people find it easier to fall asleep in this position and place a Almofada SleepDream under each arm to pressure the neck.

Check that the monitor is at eye level.

Check that the monitor is at eye level.

Sit comfortably in front of your computer and close your eyes; when you open them, your gaze should be located at the center of the monitor. If you find that you need to lower your eyes, it is a sign that you have to level your screen. Laptops generally require you to lower your gaze to see the monitor, so an alternative might be to connect your laptop to a separate monitor.

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